Discipline Policy

Our goal at the Salesian Boys & Girls Club is to provide a safe environment for all of our members. It is our hope that that eve- ry member treats the club, sta equipment and other members with respect. It becomes necessary however to deal with in- appropriate behavior quickly, professionally and with compassion. Below is a list of inappropriate behaviors and their conse- quences.

Minor Incidents
• Screaming/Yelling
• Running in the lobby, game room, stairwells
• Being in an unsupervised area
• Rough Housing
• Name Calling/Teasing

• Warning/ Activity Timeout
• Parents will be no ed
• Suspension from program

Major Incidents
• Disrespecting staff members & volunteers
• Bullying/ Intimidating
• Leaving the property without permission
• Inappropriate behavior in bathrooms
• Failure to follow directions on field trips

• Notify Parents
• Suspension / Loss of field trip privileges
• Termination from program

Severe Incidents
• Intent to harm (Fighting, Punching, Biting, Etc.)
• Threatening staff or other members
• Stealing
• Disturbing van drivers (Coming out of seat belt, fighting on van, throwing items out of vans)

• Suspension from program
• Termination from program

I have read and understand Salesian Boys & Girls Club policies on discipline. Continuous inappropriate behaviors may result in my child being removed from the program. All behavioral infractions will be documented and any suspensions or terminations from Salesian Boys & Girls Club program will be reviewed by the Executive Director and Program Director. I agree to this by submitting the form.