Teen Program

Wally Bowe Teen Center Hours

Monday – Friday


Our teen program serves members ages 13-19. Our senior members are provided a safe place to do homework, play basketball, cook, play video games, enjoy movie nights and much more. Teens are provided the chance to go on field trips or have club lock-in events. Our lounge areas are perfect for hanging out with friends and taking part in other group activities.

Fitness Center



The club weight room is a perfect place for our teens to come to improve their health. High school athletes are welcome to utilize the facility during practice and game season to better their performance and satisfy their workout requirements for school.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer work is available for teens that are looking for a fulfilling, positive service experience at our Club. This program helps teens gain important life skills and prepares them for future job experiences. Many of our teen volunteers fulfill high school, church and other requirements while mentoring and assisting in club activities.


If you have any questions about our teen program please email teens@salesianclub.com