Club Alumni

The Salesian Boys & Girls Club spirit lives in the hearts of our members long after they graduate from  the Club. Generations of former members with families of their own  return with their children  to the club that provided them with so many fond memories. We are lucky to call many of our staff members, board members, volunteers and parents alumni of the Salesian Boys & Girls Club and believe that the positive impact the Club made on their lives instilled a sense of morals and character that prepared them for a successful future. It is our goal to support and affect each and every member in that way. We are blessed and hope to be a resource to the youth of this great community for many years to come.


Steven Tauro, Age 20

“The Salesians Boys & Girls Club has became a second home to me. As a long time member I am thankful for all that the club and staff has done for me. There is truly no way to repay them, but to help give back and let the kids of today realize that the Salesian Boys & Girls Club is a home to them also”

Monica Cioffi, Age 27

“ The Salesian Boys and Girls Club of East Boston helped me to form lifelong friendships and instilled in me a superior sense of morals, values, and respect for others through exposure to a wide variety of sports, team building, and athletic activities. My passion for sports started at the age of 7 and has stayed with me through playing 3 varsity sports at East Boston High and while playing collegiate softball at Suffolk University; I owe a lot of that drive, determination, and passion that it takes to compete at those levels to The Club. I not only attended Salesians from the age of 6 to 15, but I also worked at The Club for several years. I truly believe that the Salesian Boys and Girls Club will continue to instill essential principles in each member.”

Favorite Memories:

  • Olympic Week
  • Saturday sports leagues (whiffle ball, indoor/outdoor soccer, basketball)

Tiana Tassinari, Age 27

“The Salesian's Boys and Girls Club was always like a second home for me. Living literally across the street, I was at Salesians all the time. I made some of my best friends through Salesians, at summer camp and through the different sports leagues. It was always, and still is, a place to go to feel safe, welcome, and supported.”